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Proven recipes... we didn't get sick after eating them, we liked them and I plan on fixing them again.. so they are save to try.

Gratin of Courgettes

1 Big Courgette, or 3 small ones
1 cup of lardon (chopped bacon)
3 potatoes
1/2 cup of cream
1/2 cup of grated emmental cheese
1 cup of cooked spinach.

Fry the lardon.
Peel the potatoes and cut them in round thin slices, slice the courgettes.
Preheat your oven at 390 F
Put the courgettes in a layer in a mold you can put in the oven.
Pour some cream and scatter the lardon over it.
Add a layer of potatoes.
Cover it with a coat of spinach. Pour the rest of the cream and scatter the cheese.
Put the mold in the oven and cook for 30 minutes or until the potatoes are well cooked.

This dish is really fast and a good and yummy way to eat vegetables, if you don't like spinach you can just forget about them and replace them with carrots, if you want it less fat leave the lardon away and replace it for turkey ham. This is one of my favorite dishes.

Marble Chocolate and Nuts Cake

7 ounces of flour
3 big eggs
6 ounces of sugar
1/4 tbsp. of salt
1/4 cup of olive oil
1 natural low fat yogurt
Baking soda
3.5 ounces of dark chocolate
1.5 ounces of chopped nuts

Preheat your oven to 350 F
Get your mold ready (butter and flour to prevent sticking.
Mix the eggs, the salt and the sugar until it is fluffy.
Pour the oil, mix well, pour the yogurt, mix well and add the flour slowly mixing until there is a uniform mixture.
Add the baking soda.
Melt the chocolate.
Divide the dough in two bowls, mix one with the nuts and the second one with the chocolate.
Pour in the mold alternating both mixtures.
Cook for about 45 minutes.

This is no original recipe but I still wanted to share it with you, I just cooked it and it tastes ok, now let's hope Patrick will like it.

Spinach Turkey cutlets

4 medium size turkey cutlets (really thin)
1 cup of cooked chopped spinach (I usually use frozen ones)
1/3 of a cup of skimmed milk
1/3 of a cup of diet Gouda Cheese

Grill the cutlets and put them in another plate.
In the same pan you grilled the cutlets pour the spinach.
Let them warm up for a minute moving them with a wooden spoon, then add the milk and keep warming and moving for another 5 minutes.
Once is really hot add the cheese and stir till it is melted and well mixed until you don't see it any more.
Pour this mix over the curlets.
And voila! Thats all. You can serve it with some spaghetti seasoned with basil and butter, and serve it with a glass of red wine.

I came up with this recipe yesterday evening, there was nothing left in the fridge and in the freezer we only had some cutlets and a box of frozen spinach, hope you enjoy it as much as Patrick did

Belgian style Mexican Tacos

100 Kg of beef for hamburger
1 can of sweet beans
1 chopped onion
Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese
Fine herbs (?)
Flour tortillas

Put in the pan the onions and stir-fry them until they are brown.
Put in the sweet beans let them warm up for two to three minutes add the beef and mix it all together until everything is cooked.
Add the cream and the fine herbs, mix, cover it with the cheese.

Warm up the flour tortillas (the best way is directly in the fire, but you have to watch closely so they don't get burned, 10 seconds at each side is the best)

Put your pan in the pan on the center of the table and dinner is ready, each one gets to fix it's own taco (no science to it, you just put two big table spoon of the mix in each tortilla, roll it and eat it)

I fix this dish mostly when I need to empty my fridge for vegetables, if they need to be cooked long like zucchini I chop them and cook them for 4 minutes in the microwave, then stir fry them with he onions. You can also use chicken instead of beef, but then you have to cut it into small parts and it takes a long time.